24/7 Accessible Hotline: (204) 298-6663

What We Do

Nearly every Manitoban either has a disability, knows someone with a disability, or will have a disability in the coming years. On any given day, people with physical disabilities in Winnipeg need access to accessible and affordable transportation. All Access Taxi is a customer oriented taxicab company that is dedicated to providing on-demand accessible taxicab service to people from all areas in Winnipeg. 

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for 6 professional accessible taxicab drivers to join the team of All Access Taxi. The job requirements include:

  • Over 2 years of driving experience.
  • Willing to work for up to 10 hours a day, and up to 6 days a week.
  • Have patience, respect and professional attitude.
  • Have good communication skill.
  • Experience with driving for vehicles for hire is preferred.
  • Experience with health care assistance is preferred.
  • Salary can be based on commission or hourly rate.
Please email your resume to managers@allaccesstaxiservice.com or call (204)298-6663.

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Our Service Standard

  • Fulfill all the requirements per The Local Vehicles for Hire Act
  • Have sound knowledge of the city and its surroundings
  • Maintain the rapport with the public in the most professional manner
  • Have sound knowledge of the city and its surroundings
  • Keep clean appearance and free of odour
  • Attend regular training about providing accessible service
  • Maintain higher level of sensitivity, patience and assistance than the usual

Our fleet

All of our vehicles have accessible taxicab licenses issued by the City of Winnipeg. We accept credit, debit and slip payment. We provide on-demand accessible taxicab service to every corner of Winnipeg.

Our belief

Persons with disabilities participate as full citizens in all aspects of Canadian society. The full participation of persons with disabilities requires the commitment of all segments of society. The realization of the vision will allow persons with disabilities to maximize their independence and enhance their well-being through access to required supports and the elimination of barriers that prevent their full participation.

- In Unison: A Canadian Approach to Disability Issues.